Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number : What You Need To Know

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number – Which One Is Better?

In the hectic world, we live in, the amount of sleep we get is integral for our mental and physical health. Not only does it ensure that we get through the day in one piece, but it also governs the quality of our work throughout the day.

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

Considering how crucial sleep is to human health, it is a pity how little we think about the tools that guarantee a good night’s sleep.

One of these tools is a mattress that allows you to experience enhanced comfort.

There are various brands of mattresses you can choose from. However, not all of them succeed in delivering optimum performance. Since the mattress you select governs how peaceful your sleep is along with guaranteeing that you have the correct spinal alignment, it is integral for you to equip yourself with a brand that offers quality and value.

There are two brands of mattresses and bedding that have managed to satisfy customers, namely Tempurpedic and Sleep Number.


Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

Tempurpedic Overview

This company has a legacy of providing customers with quality products for decades. While it was formally known as Tempur-Sealy, in recent years, it has undergone an acquisition and is now popularly known as Tempurpedic.

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

The major product of the brand is memory foam mattresses that have been all the rage in recent years owing to the pressure relief they have been able to provide to users. However, since various other types of mattresses have now been introduced in the market, Tempurpedic has been quick to diversify its range to include other product lines as well.

This includes adding options of customized density and softness that provide its clients with the autonomy that they crave. Apart from mattresses, the brand has also branched out its offering to include bedding accessories and adjustable beds. You can say that it offers the whole package.

Sleep Number Overview

While Tempurpedic is known for its memory foam mattress, Sleep Number is a frontrunner in adjustable air mattresses. The best part about the brand is that it offers users the chance to adjust the firmness of their mattresses as per their desires.

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

This is where the name of the brand is derived from. The ‘Sleep Number’ refers to the level of firmness that you can select. Even though the brand mainly concentrates its offering to an air mattress, in the past few years, the company has diversified and now offers memory foam mattresses as well. The brand works by selling its product both in retail stores and online. This allows it to reach a greater number of customers, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Why is so critical to compare the two?

You might think that as customers, being provided with choices is a good thing. It is great to have options because different individuals have different requirements when it comes to their ideal mattress. Hence, when you are provided with an array of choices, you can pick an item which best suits your need.

However, once you have narrowed down your choices to two of the best brands, it takes quite an effort to select the better of the two.

While both Tempurpedic and Sleep Number are recognized for their quality products, it is crucial to compare the two. This will allow you to understand which of the two brands is ideal for your use. Don’t worry. We will not ask you to peruse various sites or look for customer reviews. We are here to provide you with a detailed comparison and analysis of Tempurpedic vs. Sleep Number in terms of various factors.


Both brands claim that they provide their customers with enhanced comfort. When you consider the softness of the two brands, it is safe to say that compared to other mattresses in the market, both Tempurpedic and Sleep Number manage to provide this feature.

But the question arises, out of the two brands, which one delivers mattresses that offer a better night’s sleep than the other?

Between the two of them, Tempurpedic succeeds in being quite soft. This has been achieved through the inclusion of layers which provide both support and comfort. Therefore, if you use this mattress, you can rest assured that your weight will be supported and you will be relieved from back aches.

Compared to Tempurpedic, Sleep Number mattresses do not manage to support users as comfortable. Since a lack of support translates into back problems, for those of you who are back sleepers and are prone to getting aches, you will find Sleep Number to be too firm.

Hence, it is safe to say that the Tempurpedic mattress is better at providing comfort to customers.


For most customers, the cost of the product is as important as any other feature. After all, not everyone wishes to purchase premium products and neither can they afford it.

A large portion of the customer market values affordability in everything they buy. Since mattresses are expensive, to begin with, a wise customer is likely to wish for a cheap yet quality product.

For those of you who value the cost of the product above all other features, you will find Sleep Number to be a better choice than Tempurpedic. This is because it is significantly cheaper.

The difference between the prices of the two mattresses is quite a lot, but it does come at a cost of softness and comfort. Those of you who wish for the best mattress when you have a limited budget, Sleep Number is the mattress to go for.

Pain Relief

After a long, hard day at work, your back is bound to ache, especially if you sit in a sedentary position all day long. With such aches clouding your life, you should opt for products that work to relieve these pains.

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

When you consider the fact that Tempurpedic is known for providing memory foam mattresses, it is not hard to guess which of the two brands will emerge victorious in this category. Memory foam mattresses work by making sure that the mattress adapts to your body and provides relief from aches.

Memory foam mattresses work by making sure that the mattress adapts to your body and provides relief from aches.

However, to say that Sleep Number does not offer pain relief is unfair. This is because Sleep Number is also equipped with the softness and support that renders it capable of providing enhanced relief from pain.

Since Sleep Number mainly offers air mattresses and Tempurpedic’s key product is a foam that is made for such a feature, we can conclude that Tempurpedic is perfect for getting relief from pain.


Only a few companies provide their customers with the autonomy that they crave. Different people have different standards of what the perfect mattress for them will be. While some may prefer beds which are on the softer side, others find firmness to be the most valuable feature.

It is unlikely that a mattress that is universally constructed is going to satisfy such diverse needs. It is a shame that most companies do not offer customers a choice when it comes to various settings and features of a mattress.

Both Sleep Number and Tempurpedic offer their customers the chance to have a say in how their mattress is constructed. While both of them offer some level of autonomy to users, Sleep Number manages to be better at offering customization.

Why do we say so? Well, it is because the mattresses offered by this brand allow users to adjust firmness ranging from plush to extra firm. Such a variety of options are unheard of in a Tempurpedic mattress. For those of you who are easily unsatisfied with the firmness and support provided by mattresses, Sleep Number is a viable option.

Motion Isolation

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

Sleeping with a partner who tosses and turns a lot can be a nightmare. The last thing you need after a tiring day is being faced with situations where you keep waking up owing to your partner. Thanks to technology, we are now equipped with ways to ensure that this nightmare never becomes a reality.

How does it guarantee this? It does so through motion isolation. Motion isolation ensures that regardless of how much you toss and turn, your motion is not transferred throughout the bed. Very few mattresses manage to offer complete motion isolation, but some brands have come quite close to the idea.

While both Tempurpedic and Sleep Number do offer motion isolation, Tempurpedic tends to have a better rating in this aspect. This is because it uses material that allows for motion isolation as well as great support. If you share a bed with a partner, you need one which offers enhanced motion isolation and Tempurpedic provides you just that.


Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

A mattress is not something that you purchase every other day. Neither can people afford to buy new products regularly, nor do individuals have the time to make unnecessary visits to shops every now and then.

Hence, you can say that durability is a much-needed feature to look for in products. After all, you don’t want to invest in a mattress that requires replacement before a minimum of 10 years. For this purpose, you should check durability ratings on various consumer reports.

In the comparison war of Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number, we found Tempurpedic to be superior when it comes to the lifespan of mattresses. This is because it is accompanied by a sturdy material that has been reported to withstand the wear and tear that mattresses generally go through. This enhanced construction allows the mattress to adjust to the shape of the body and spring right up after being used.

Sleep Number contains an air chamber which tends to get hollow with time. This does not mean that Tempurpedic is not vulnerable to damage. Many customers have reported that the memory foam mattresses also lose their shape and bounce with time.

However, the bright side is that Tempurpedic offers an extended warranty to users. Therefore, even if the mattress malfunctions, customers can easily get it repaired or replaced. This feature makes it durable as well as cost-effective in nature.


Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

From durability stems the need for a warranty. Regardless of what product you invest in, you should always opt for items that are backed by a guarantee. After all, why would you want to purchase a product that even its manufacturers are not confident about?

A warranty says a lot about the brand and the product. It showcases that a company is confident that its item will last. It also protects you against instances of damages and faults.

We analyzed the warranties of the two brands and found Tempurpedic to be a better provider of a mattress that is backed by an excellent and holistic warranty.

This does not mean that Sleep Number is not worth investing in. This is because Sleep Number not only provides repair coverage for ten years, but it also lets you send the product back if you are not satisfied with it. However, the downside is that you will need to bear the shipment costs and the offer is only valid for 100 days.

On the other hand, Tempurpedic offers ten years of repair and replacement services. When you consider the fact that it offers you the chance to replace the mattress if a repair is not providing satisfactory results, it is the better option of the two.

Overall Health Benefits

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

What mattress you choose also governs the health benefits you will be offered. There is a conception that the only benefit a bed can provide you with is regarding relieving pain. However, this is not the case.

It is quite difficult to pick a clear winner between Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number in this category. This is because both brands have taken measures to not only provide enhanced pain relief, as discussed above but also make sure that the mattresses they produce play their part in correcting the spine alignment and posture while sleeping.

We found that Sleep Number ended up providing slightly more health advantages than Tempurpedic. This is largely due to the improved support offered by Sleep Number, which is not delivered by the other brand.

We believe that both brands manage to offer almost similar kinds of services in this aspect. Even though Sleep Number emerges to be better than Tempurpedic, we found the two to be so close to this offer that selecting either of the two will not make much of a difference to users.


How long a mattress is likely to last and durability are correlated to some extent. It is common to confuse the two to be synonymous with one another. However, the truth is that there is a difference between the two terms.

Durability refers to the chances of a given mattress of retaining all its features and not requiring any repairs throughout its life. The lifespan of a mattress is a measure of how long it is likely to last in terms of usage and aesthetics. You can say that it is extended if a given mattress is durable.

In Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number, Sleep Number has a longer life than Tempurpedic. This is visible by the fact that while Tempurpedic lasts 8-10 years, Sleep Number manages to outlive it by a few years.

For those of you who value the longevity of a mattress, know that irrespective of what brand you choose, at the end of the day, how long a product lasts also depends on how well you treat it.For example, most manufacturers ask customers to not use a mattress as a trampoline. If you ignore this recommendation and at the same time wish for a mattress that lasts long, you will not get what you wish for.

Similarly, every brand issues the type of cleaners that are fit to be used for mattress cleaning. Many people try to cut corners and use cheap products. There are repercussions of using these cleaners and that is the reduced life of the mattress.

Therefore, rather than merely selecting a mattress which has a higher rating and is verified by customers to last a long time, make sure you take measures like using protectors and cleaning the product regularly to play your part.

Support Mechanism

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

The comparison between Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number cannot be complete without a look at the support system embedded within the products of the two brands.

Tempurpedic mattresses offer excellent support for those who suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. This is achieved through the use of a patented memory foam that minimizes motion disturbances and provides comfort. Some of the mattresses of the brand take it a notch further by adding comfort layers and cooling material into the mix to prevent the retention of heat.

Sleep Number, on the contrary, makes use of air to offer support to its users. This is different than Tempurpedic since the latter provides support from foam. While air mattresses are not the best for optimum support, it does provide customers with the power to adjust the level of firmness by having air removed from the product.

The answer to which mattress provides a better support yields an inconclusive result. This is because there is no clear-cut definition of what ideal support is. Since it boils down to personal preference, it all comes down to what you desire.

Chemical Odors

Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number

Unpleasant odors serve to be one of the biggest concerns of customers. Peruse any customer review, and you will find them mentioning the issue as a source of annoyance in most mattresses. Products in which the smell dissipates quickly are lauded, while those that feature this lingering smell for more than a few days are thrashed by users.

In both Tempurpedic and Sleep Number products, the smell tends to go away after a few days. However, when you compare the two, the disappearance of the odor happens faster in Sleep Number than in Tempurpedic.

This is because Tempurpedic features a memory foam which is made out of heavy-duty construction. Memory foams, owing to the way they are manufactured, feature the flaw of giving off a persistent chemical smell and Tempurpedic is no different.

On the other hand, Sleep Number manages to offer customers a mattress which does not feature this annoying smell for more than a day or two. This has been achieved by the fact that this mattress is lightweight. Its lightness translates into a hassle-free process of airing the mattress when it arrives.


Whether or not a given product is user-friendly depends on features like whether it is hypoallergenic, the ease of cleaning the mattress, and convenience of transferring it from one bed to another.

In Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number, Sleep Number manages to be more user-friendly. This is because, while it is true that both mattresses are hypoallergenic, Tempurpedic is too heavy to allow for ease of transport of the product and is too bulky to be cleaned in one go. Compared to it, Sleep Number can be effectively cleaned and transported from one place to another due to its lightweight.


Both Sleep Number and Tempurpedic are popular due to their commitment to quality. There is no doubt that both brands have been successful in delivering every feature that they claim to offer. It is true that the brands are starkly different from each other, but the major similarity that binds them together is the fact that both have managed to satisfy their customers.

We can’t tell you which of them is the clear winner. This is because both brands have their strengths and weaknesses. While Sleep Number emerges victorious in aspects like longevity and affordability, Tempurpedic succeeds in being the better brand when it comes to motion isolation, warranties, and comfort.

Which product you find the best depends on what features you value more. Make sure you analyze your needs thoroughly before choosing either brand.

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