Best Sleeper Sofa 2017 – 9 Honest Reviews

Best Sleeper Sofa 2017- Honest Reviews

Today we will share the best sleeper sofa 2017

You see, people that buy an amazing sleeper sofa do two things very well:

First, they look for a high-quality sleeper sofa

Second, they make sure that this sleeper sofa is not expensive

But you’re probably wondering:

“How can I find an inexpensive high-quality sleeper sofa ?”

Well today I’m going to make it easy for you

All you need is to pick one of the 9 best sleeper sofa 2017 that I’ll be reviewing down below.



Don’t you have the time to read?

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 Check our comparison table that describes everything in the article.



Product NameAmazon Rating Price
Classic Brands Memory Foam Sleeper Sofa4.4 out of 5$$$
The 5 inch Innerspring Plush Sofa Bed4.6 out of 5$$$
The Lifetime Sleep Products Sleeper Memory Foam Sofa Bed4.5 out of 5$$$
Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Sofa Mattress4.5 out of 5$$$
Merax Pu Leather Foldable Sofa Bed Video Gaming Sofa4.5 out of 5$$$
DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon4.1 out of 5$$$
Westfield Wood Futon Frame Mattress4.4 out of 5$$$
Ecom Premium Black Sofa Sleeper Couch, Chrome Legs, and Adjustable Armrests4.2 out of 5$$$
DHP Aria White Futon4 out of 5$$$



Best Sleeper Sofa 2017

It is so much fun and at the same time fulfilling to entertain people who come to your home, such as friends and family, especially on occasions when you have to put them up for the night.

Well, millions of individuals love to enjoy all the benefits that come with owning huge homes with multiple spare rooms with which to do this, but the problem is that most people have to put up with limited space or beddings !

That is why it is of great importance to have various choices of a sleeper sofa.

But the modern world of ever evolving and multiple furniture functions, you may find a couch that looks stunning, and when the night comes, the same sofa serves as a cozy.

These high-end types of furniture come in a broad variety of sizes, shapes, colors as well as types, and to be honest, it can be a daunting task to try and find the right choice for your needs.

So, the question is what are some of the factors you need to put into consideration when searching for a good sleeper sofa and which are some of the best sleeper sofas of 2017?

This article is going to share with you, the top nine best sleeper sofas 2017; by the time you finish reading the whole guide, you will have figured out the sofa that suits your needs.

Let’s find out.



  1. Classic Brands Memory Foam Sleeper Sofa





If you love to have some great sleep, then you need to upgrade your bedroom with the Classic Brands Memory Foam Sleeper Sofa bed Mattress. The unit comes quite big as it measures 4.5 inches. Furthermore, it comes with two layers of memory foam. The top part of the foam is incredibly resourceful as it helps to plush comfort as well as to reduce pressure and the bottom layer of dense foam contributes to give orthopedic support and also makes sure that the mattress can survive for the longest time possible. The best thing about this Memory foam is that it reacts to the heat of your body and also conforms to the curves of your body. Besides, to that, it helps to align the spine. The sleeper sofa can also fold up inside the couch and unfold just like a spring sofa mattress. The sofa has multiple uses, for instance, you can use it as a boat mattress, bunk bed mattress, a mattress topper, or even an RV mattress. This might be the best sleeper sofa 2017.

This memory foam can support every inch of your body and distributes weight evenly. The Classic Brands Foam Sleeper Sofa bed slowly and automatically adjusts to not only the weight of the body but also temperature. Apart from conforming to your body, this memory foam offers full, luxurious as well as stress-free support. This feature ensures that your spine is held in a neutral position at all times. If you wish to move from one side to another at night, your loved one will always be at peace because you can’t disturb him or her because there is no reciprocal movement between sleeping partners. Moreover, if you happen to move in your bed, this fabulous sofa slowly fills in and adjusts its shape accordingly and assumes your sleeping position, cradling every inch of your body. The 4.5 inches sleeper sofa mattress features a Viscoelastic Memory Foam and is professionally manufactured to make sure your guests sleep as comfortable as they can after spending a night on the sleeper sofa. As mentioned earlier, the 2-inch memory foam that functions with the help of the support layer gives you nothing but a memorable sleeping experience. The base support layer measures 2.5 inches and retains the effectiveness and strength of the layers.

Advantages of Classic Brands Sleeper Sofa

  • It helps to reduce pressure and alleviate back pain
  • It contributes to relieve pain at pressure points such as the neck and shoulders
  • Promotes proper blood circulation and thus promotes great sleep

Disadvantages of the sofa

  • It is quite expensive compared to other sleeper sofas



  1. The 5 inch Innerspring Plush Sofa Bed




If you want to make sure that you buy nothing but the best sleep in your home, then you should consider getting yourself the Classic Brands 5 Inch Plush Sleeper Sofa.  This particular model makes the best addition to your bedroom, and even living room, helping cut additional costs that come with purchasing a new sofa bed.

Besides, you can easily store this sofa material because it conveniently folds into any sofa sleeper. This way, you will be able to save a lot of space in your living room. As soon as you unfold it, the sofa mattress resumes its original shape in a few, so you don’t have to work hard putting it back to how it was. Its plush feel provides comfort as well as warmth, and so your guest will earnestly be pleased when they sleep on it, and they will wake up feeling refreshed. The inner springs are also worth as they help to support your back which makes this unit the best option for people who suffer from backaches. The sofa bed also comes with a luxurious damask cover that gives its design an excellent touch of design and makes it comfortable to sit or sleep on. The sofa bed comes in white color, which enhances its general appearance and adds a touch of charm to the décor of your living room.


  • Made from soft material to ensure comfort and warmth
  • Very small and can fit in the smallest rooms


  • The white color can easily become dirty and hence make it hard to clean

Weights and dimensions

The Plush sofa bed is a twin size bed. It has a general thickness of 5.25 inches from the bottom to the top. Also, the length measures 72 inches while the width measures 33 inches.



  1. The Lifetime Sleep Products Sleeper Memory Foam Sofa Bed



After you have spent the whole day at work, we all love to take rest and relax or even go to sleep. But for you to achieve such a worthy rest or relax or sleep, you need to have a welcoming and pleasant environment as well as supporting materials. If the environment is great and the materials are extremely great then you will be happy when you throw yourself down for a nap or to sleep relaxing, and after you enjoy sound sleep the whole night, you can wake up feeling fresh the next day and head to work full of enthusiasm. To be precise, everything depends entirely on the environment and supporting materials that you have. The Lifetime sleep products Sofa Sleeper has what it takes to give both you and your guests the required rest they want. This 4.5-inch memory foam sleeper sofa is made from 2 inches of polyurethane and 2.5 inches of high-end. Besides that, it comes in a variety of sizes, types, and color.But is it the best sleeper sofa 2017? Continue to see.

Once, there was a review from a customer about the Lifetime sleep products Sofa Sleeper Memory Foam, and the rating was 92 percent on Amazon. The customers bestowed such a rating because of the incredible performance of the sleeper sofa- the top selling best sofa bed. The client’s review at Amazon already claimed that this sofa bed is extremely outstanding and admired by many customers.

What you get once you purchase this unit:

  • Features of Lifetime sleep products Sofa Sleeper Memory Foam Mattress
  • An exceptional memory foam sofa bed
  • Designed by professionals to help both you and your friends sleep in a comfy environment
  • It is one of the cheapest sofa bed on the market
  • The sleeper sofa measures 60 x 10.4 x 10.3 inches, making it one of the largest yet lightest sofa sleepers on the stores today


  • It is very great to purchase
  • The pad is well made and designed with quality, durable materials
  • The bottom of the item is manufactured from delicate fabrics which hold the pad in the right place.
  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • Product fits well on the fold out
  • Item folds up very simple and easily


  • The unit has a peculiar smell, although it is not that deep, something anyone can live with.




  1. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Sofa Mattress




The Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Queen Size Sofa Mattress is one of the few in the market that are made from gel-infused memory foam technology. This technology gives the sofa a plush feel, especially when you lie or sit on it. Also, it fits nicely to any sofa that you may own, and it can effortlessly fit into the couch with its 4.5-inch profile. Moreover, be assured that you will be kept cold while you are asleep on the sofa because the gel material memorizes and adjusts to your body’s contours. Another interesting feature is that it can steal away heat from it, hence making sure you are comfortable and relaxed during the night. Do not worry about the gel, and the manufacturers have assured that they don’t contain any toxic materials or elements, plus the sofa bed the foam is CertiPUR-US Certified.


The unit has numerous properties depending on the size of the mattress. However, you should expect the following as far as the sizes are concerned.  The mattress measures 33 inches wide and 72 inches long. The complete set measures approximately 53 inches wide and 72 inches long. The queen sofa which is the ultimate set measures a whopping 58 inches in width and 72 inches in length

Make sure that you first of all check out various sizes before you decide to purchase your unit.  Besides, choose your preferred kind of Gel Memory Foam Sofa for it. Make sure that you also measure the dimensions by yourself.

What you will love about this sofa is how easy it is to set it up when it has been delivered to you. It can easily fit into narrow corridors and compact rooms. However, not that you need to buy a bed separately because the sofa mattress is sold separately.


  • Classic Brands Cool Gel Replacement Sofa Mattress for Replacement Sofa Sleeper is made from high quality and durable materials
  • When you purchase this sofa bed, you will get CertiPUR-US Certified Foam. This simply means that the couch mattress has been voluntarily tested for the quality of its flexible polyurethane foam as a reliable house furnishing cushion material.
  • Its unique material gives a cooler and plusher sleeping experience, thanks to its material that is made with gel particles that infuse into memory foam, making it elastic and viscous.
  • You can use the form everywhere, including upholstered furniture, adult mattresses, accessory comfort products as well as crib couches.


  • You’re only purchasing a mattress. As such, don’t buy this one if you don’t have a bed frame, a sofa, or couch to put it in.
  • If you own a nonstandard fold out couch bed size, there is a higher chance it won’t fit in.
  • As far as personal taste is concerned, certain individuals may not love to have couch cushions that are extremely soft or plush.




  1. Merax Pu Leather Foldable Sofa Bed Video Gaming Sofa





This particular Sofa Bed is the best fit for chilling on a lazy sunny day or getting sleep at night. It gives you both style and function and brings all that into your home. Besides, it folds easily and quickly from a full-sized bed to a modern, stylish floor sofa. It also comes with a Pu Leather cover to give you the warmth and comfort you deserve. The largest one can be up to 180 degree, bending is optional, whether you are lying down or sitting, can fulfill all your posture needs perfect for catching some sleep at night or lazing around in the afternoon. The sofa bed boasts of breathable Pu leather cover Steel frames, padding in a massive density split foam to come up with a super comforter feeling the entire size of the sofa bed. I don’t know about you, but i feel that this is the best sleeper sofa 2017 !!

Main features

  • It is an easy to fold lazy sofa bed that comes with a pillow that is stylish, comfortable as well as smart
  • High end designs with an easy to adjust back side; it also comes with two soft pillows
  • You can also use the gaming sofa as a lounge, chair, chaise bed, and a bed, for sleeping watching, reading, playing or even just having fun with it
  • Five positions adjustable backrest to convert quickly and easily from sofa to bed position
  • In relaxation and play and you look for furniture that provides the perfect balance of comfort as well as style.




  1. DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon




Nothing better can be said about this sofa bed that being Chic and elegant with edges that are incredibly smooth, chrome and tufting legs, this particular sofa bed features a contemporary look that is fitting in almost any room. The sofa-bed is as versatile as it is sold. It can adjust to your seating posture in a few seconds to help you sleep more comfortably. Besides, it is furnished in a navy profile or an attractive gray and it is clearly on the top of the DHP line due because of it’s out of the world feel. The cushions have a massive density and retain its firmness despite the weight of use or the length of use. Precisely, the sharp look and modern design of this fantastic sofa bed make it one of the top-of-the-line futon mattress contenders in 2017. But is it the best sleeper sofa 2017 ? Let’s see …

Main features

  • It has a tufted back
  • Grey linen feature
  • Chromed metal finish


It is 32 inches in height x 71 inches in width x 34 inches in thickness. The seat measures 16’’ high x 71’’ wide x 23.5’’ deep, and when you sleep it changes to 16 inches high x 71 inches wide x 43 inches thick. Finally, the overall weight of the unit is 81 pounds.


  • It is comfortable
  • Made from high-quality memory foam


  • It is quite heavy compared to other sofa beds




  1. Westfield Wood Futon Frame Mattress




The complete Westfield futon frame gives you the warmth and sweetness you are looking for, plus a casual sophistication in unusual design in heritage finish. The entire unit is made from natural wood grains. You will notice that its look is vintage.  It also features wide arms made with wooden slats that offer the perfect intensity of contrast to add a class of elegance to your living room or bedroom. The sofa bed easily converts into a complete futon sofa bed, sofa or lounger. It was built with uttermost professionalism; the frame features are very stable and come with an anti-slip mechanism to make sure that you are always safe. It might be the best sleeper sofa 2017 !


The full sofa measures 81 inches wide x 32 inches deep and 33.5 inches in height while the bed is 81 inches wide x 54 inches deep and 24.75 inches high. The height of the arm is 24.75 inches.


  • Multi-positional futon effortlessly converts into a lounger, sofa, or full-size bed
  • Made from 100 percent solid hardwood frame with finished back decks and seat in Heritage
  • It is beautiful, strong and stable


  • The futon sofa bed is a bit heavy as it is made from solid hardwood
  • It is expensive



  1. Ecom Premium Black Sofa Sleeper Couch, Chrome Legs, and Adjustable Armrests



The black Euro Futon sofa sleeper couch has two primary functions for a small space. The unit is not only readily convertible, but it also features a modular and comfy appearance. You can easily fold down the two arms if you want to sleep or just fold down one arm to lounge.  Additionally, the magazine pocket on the futon makes it ideal for a living room. 


  • Chrome legs and top notch black linen upholstery which gives the sofa bed a unique look
  • The sofa bed has multiple uses and it is ideal for small spaces.


  • It is heavy




  1. DHP Aria White Futon



The company that manufactures this high-end product was setup in 1962. Dorel Industries manufactures more than 26 brands such as Schwinn and Mongoose, and home furnishing brands such as Altra and Ameriwood Furniture. Their home furnishing department focuses on ready-to-assemble pieces, such as ladders, microwave stands, futons, and so much more. Display this incredible Aria Futon in either your bedroom or living room to add some class to the modern decor. The tufted faux leather features a brilliant shade of white that creates a sharp contrast when used together with darker colors. The wood finish on the base and the legs offers you a great mid-century finishing touch.  You can easily fold this stunning unit into a full-size bed with less effort, giving you additional room when friends and family suddenly pop up in your house.

This is one of the best sleeper sofa 2017.The sofa bed also uses the Click-clack technology which makes it easy to convert it to a sleeper during the night and switch it and turn the futon into a seat when you wake up the next morning. Chic and modern in design makes the sofa bed idea for any room. As comfy as it is attractive, this unit wrapped with tufted faux leather to make it easy for you to clean and maintain. You can quickly switch from seating position to lounging, and even to sleeping positions just the way you want. The sofa measures 69 inches long x 29 inches wide and 32 inches high.  While in bed position, its dimensions are 69’’ L x 38’’ W x 14.5 ‘’H


  • Easy to fold
  • Contemporary design


  • Heavy



After all the searching, this guide was able to get the above nine sofa beds of the best sleeper sofa 2017 that satisfied the expectations of many customers. As expected, the nine are incredible, but it is up to you to choose your favorite. The top choice sofa bed will depend on what you are looking for; many factors play a vital role in the selection of the type of sofa bed you want, and this includes durability, quality, as well as support. Thickness and comfort also are paramount.

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