Best Short Queen RV Mattress – A Full Guide

Best Short Queen RV Mattresses


Sleeping is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and tends to be one of the basic human needs.

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Modern-day furniture revolves around utilizing beds and the best short queen RV mattresses in order to increase the comfort and relaxation provided while sleeping.

There are dozens of mattresses available in the market for this purpose, but only a few have the features and ability to make them the best.

Mattresses tend to be available in numerous sizes and types, but modern-day furniture and its modularity result in a compact room size, resulting in a higher demand for short queen RV mattresses. Mattresses tend to be popular in the queen and short queen sizes. The difference is only that the standard queen size tends to be longer than the short queen size with a difference of five inches in the length.

It is highly important for one to invest the best quality mattress as a good night’s sleep shapes up the energy and strength of the individual. Short queen RV mattress companies provide their customers with a service that provides them all sorts of comfort and frees them from the stress of worrying about their bed at night.

There are a lot of mattress companies out there that claim to offer this service. Some tend to focus on their profits alone, while others would want to ensure that their customers have the best quality products. That being said, you as a customer need to be able to find a balance with a quality mattress that will not be too heavy on your pocket either.

With this review, we will analyze some short queen RV mattresses and give you the benefit of being able to make better decisions about such matters.

The Best Short Queen RV Mattress

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam

The ZinusSleep Master is a foam mattress which is designed with the intention to provide the sleeper with a comfortable experience.


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It has been crafted with careful measurements and resources in order to make sure that the quality complements the price and the final result is a product that the customer will want to opt for.

The Zinus short queen RV mattress utilizes the latest materials which have been medically tested and certified to provide the best results. It offers quality along with smart shipping. With a good customer service, top-notch quality, and a reasonable price, the ZinusSleep Master tends to be one of the best mattresses out there.

Main Features

The ZinusSleep Master Ultima Comfort is made up of multiple layers in order to ensure that the foam is comfortable and results in a refreshing and peaceful sleep. It has two inches of memory foam, along with two inches of pressure-relieving and comforting foam and four inches of high-density base support foam. This makes it a strong and durable mattress and allows it to be a choice that will enable customers to invest in a worthwhile product.

Furthermore, it is designed in order to mold to the natural shape of the user’s body. Hence, it provides a long-lasting and comfortable sleep and is physically stable.

Zinus invests in the research and development of the memory foam used to build and produce this mattress. Bio-foam is used as a replacement to the general petroleum mattress which is made using plant oil. This tends to ensure that the mattress remains fresh and high quality. It also exerts positive energy and allows the sleeper to engage in a powerful sleep with sweet dreams, resulting in a relaxing sleep that will energize you for the next day.

Zinus Sleep Master mattresses are the great option for the user to invest in as they tend to have an unimaginable quality. The foam of the mattress is CertiPUR US-certified and recommended for various characteristics such as their performance, durability, and content. This makes this short queen RV mattress trustworthy and a product one can invest in blindly. The characteristics that have been certified are important ones, which collectively come together to allow the ZinusSleep Master to be one of the best out there.

Finally, the company works toward ensuring the user’s comfort, and customer service is prioritized in every aspect possible. Orders can be placed online and delivered to the customer within 72 hours. The short queen RV mattresses are smartly shipped, which means the right technology is utilized to compress the mattresses efficiently and roll them into a box which arrives at your door.



Once opened, the mattress takes 48 hours to find its normal shape and will be free to use. In addition to that, the mattress has a 10-year warranty period, ensuring that the user will have a long-lasting mattress in their home for a good night’s sleep.


  • Comfortable and refreshing – allows for a peaceful and powerful sleep for the user.
  • High-quality layering – includes 4 inches of the high-density base supporting foam, 2 inches of memory foam, and 2 inches of pressure-relieving and comforting foam.
  • Utilizes the latest memory foam – using bio-foam, the mattress tends to remain fresh and natural for the user.
  • Certified and recommended – approved by the CertiPUR US for performance, durability, and content.
  • Great customer service – known for its high-quality shipping and efficient customer support in times of need.

Live & Sleep Classic Cooling Memory Foam

The Live and SleepClassic Cooling Mattress is an innovative and comfortable pick for someone who is looking for the best short queen RV mattress with outstanding features. It has been designed with the right contouring and quality to ensure that the user has a fantastic sleeping experience and has no form of discomfort.

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On top of that, the mattress uses cooling innovations to outrun any other similar mattresses, making it stand out in a unique manner. The Live and Sleep mattress also has modularity with removable knit covers. The company sells certified and recommended products and provides high-quality warranties and customer service.

Main Features

The Live and SleepClassic Cooling Mattress comes with the perfect amount of contouring as it comes with a high-quality layering of the foam. The mattress contains a 2.5-inch air-infused foam which has another layer of the extra thick high-density firm support base. Finally, it has a 10-inch profile, making it presentable and solid while adding to its durability tremendously. This results in the sleepers enjoying their experience overnight and obtaining an elegant experience where they do not regret their decision to invest in one of the best short queen RV mattresses.

Live and Sleep have

invested in the research and development of a cooling mattress which includes advanced cooling mechanisms to allow your body to obtain a powerful and peaceful sleeping experience. The cooling innovations allow for a breathable and high-quality ingredient being added to the mattress, which enhances comfort and relaxes your body. This results in the cooling of your body and the reduction in stress after a long day of work.

The user tends to dive into a deep sleep immediately and is able to work toward being more positive the next day. Such a unique feature easily allows the Live and SleepClassic Cooling Mattress to fall into the category of one of the best short queen RV mattresses.

The mattress also comes with a feature where the knit cover or the fabric textile is removable, allowing it to be washed or replaced easily and conveniently by the customer. This ensures that the mattress is fresh, clean and hygienic at all times and allows for a change in aesthetics from time to time as per the mood of the users.


Live and Sleep have also worked toward developing a product which is certified and recommended by CertiPURUS, resulting in a trustworthy mattress which would be comfortable for the user. The cooling mattress is not only comfortable and reliable to use but also strong and durable.

Along with selling this short queen RV mattress that keeps you cool, the company also provides a high-quality customer service with good warranties and support whenever necessary, making sure that you are never left high and dry in your time of need.


  • Good contouring and layering – made up of a firm support base and a memory foam which is comfortable.
  • Cooling mechanisms – unique features where the mattress allows for a relaxing and cooling experience so that you can comfortably sleep through the night.
  • Removable knit covers – making the mattress modular and customizable as per the user’s needs.
  • Certified & recommended – a trustworthy product certified by the CertiPUR US.


There is no doubt that there are many short queen RV mattresses out there, but it takes some reviewing for one to be able to find the best one. With a few pointers and considerations, you will be able to invest in a life-changing product which will not be heavy on your pockets.

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